Converting a big quantity of RagTime documents to PDF

Hello everyone,

I am new on this forum and after looking for information online and trying several solutions, I have finally decided to ask for some help here.

I have been using RagTime for many years and need to convert several hundreds of RagTime documents to PDF for a project. They have been created with RagTime 6.5.2 on a Mac running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Using the native PDF conversion in the Print Menu of Mac OS X or the PDF export with Acrobat Distiller is working... but this process is taking a lot of time to do for each RagTime document with so many to convert to PDF as you can imagine.

I tried to use Automator after reading tutorials on how to convert files to PDF, it turned out that Automator refused to add "Save as Adobe PDF" to the workflow because "it is not universal" (apparently 32-bit) while Automator is 64-bit (Something I saw that happened to other people trying to use "Save as Adobe PDF" in Automator and and we cannot force Automator to open in 32-bit mode since this option is not available anymore like it used to be in the earlier OS X systems)

I know nothing about applescript and the ones I found that I copied/pasted to try them did not work for me.

If anybody here had a solution, a script or any useful information to easily and quickly convert lots of RagTime documents to PDF, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance for your help and stay safe.

Re: Converting a big quantity of RagTime documents to PDF

#12959 On 19 Januar, 2021 06:40 Thomas Kaegi said,


It describes a droplet onto which you can drag any RT-document and it will create a PDF-document with the same name in the same folder. It should work as well with RT 6.5. If I remember correctly you have to paste the script into a new script document and save it as an application in order to create the droplet. The RT-support should be able to help you.

Regards, Tom

Re: Converting a big quantity of RagTime documents to PDF

#12960 On 19 Januar, 2021 16:52 MacMike said,

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your quick reply and the link. I found it when doing some research online and tried it already in Automator but I could not make it work... until I tried again today with your explanation and using directly the Script Editor rather Automator. And it works! I just replaced "RagTime 6.6" with "RagTime 6.5" in the script in my case. Thank you so much again as it will make me save a lot of time.

One extra thing: I just found out a little something in case it can help other RagTime users converting documents with this script. If the name of your RagTime document includes a slash character, it looks like it is not converted to PDF with the script (at least this is what happened to me). So what I did is I first added all my RagTime documents to a file renamer application (like "A Better Finder Rename" on Mac) and asked it to replace all the "/" with a "-" in the name of these documents. Then I tried again and the script converted the RagTime documents to PDF without any problem!

Many thanks again.