Windows 10; document read only by opening

Hi all,

Can you please help me with the following nasty problem?

When I open documents I created, they are always read only. I did not protect or lock any of these documents or directories. When I go to Windows Computer and make the directories accessible again (allow writing) then I can make changes again to those RagTime documents.

But once I save them and closes RagTime, then by the next opening they are again read only.

Do you know how I can solve this issue?

Thank you much for your help, which is appreciated.

Have a nice day!


Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12958 On 7 Januar, 2021 08:58 admin said,

Hello Chris,

do you use the current RagTime 6.6.6 build 1907? There have been issues with permissions on saving with earlier 6.6.6 builds (190x) which have been addressed in 1906/1907.

Please let us know if the problems persist with build 1907.

Best regards,
RagTime Support

Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12961 On 22 Januar, 2021 12:28 Lenz said,


I'm not Chris, but I have the same problem, yet with Version 6.6.6. build 1907. The problem is persisting since I had installed Version 6.6.6. I've re-installed version 6.6.5

Best regards

Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12962 On 23 Januar, 2021 13:30 mk-will said,

Hi Lenz,

a more specific description would be helpfull.

1) What version of Windows 10? The latest 20H2? Or which one?

2) What account are you using? A normal user account or an user account with admin rights?

3) Where is the RT-file saved? In the documents-folder of the user or somewhere else?

4) How do open the RT-file? By dragging it from the windows-explorer to the RT-window or by opening it from inside RT using the open-command?

Best regards

Btw: Just seen the latest version of RT is 1909.

Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12964 On 25 Januar, 2021 13:25 RagTimeUser said,


I'm neither Chris nor Lenz, but I have the same problem since 6.6.6., even with 1909.

1) Win10 Pro 2004

2) Normal User. Are there still administrator accounts? I thought this was handled via "Run as administrator"-command nowadays.

3) Somewhere else. Doesn't matter if local or network drive.

4) Doesn't matter, same result if I open it via "file open" or double click in explorer.

Error message is "5: Access is denied"

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12965 On 26 Januar, 2021 12:45 mk-will said,

Hello, RTU,

if you are having just one user-account then this is an Administrator-account.
Otherwise you are in trouble.

MS changed the "normal" rights of the Admin-account.
In the past there were no restrictions, now (since win10-1909/-1807?) the normal Admin-account has some limitations.
That's why there is the "Run as Administrator"-command for full privileges.

Let me explain:
I have similiar problems with the software WinRAR.
Running it in the normal userspace of the Admin-account I can use drag'n'drop to put files into an RAR-archive.
But unpacking files via context-menu "unpack files to folder" anywhere on drive C or D ends up with error messages for every unpacked file stating that I do not have sufficient rights to do so (regarding security descriptions I think).
Every file is correctly unpacked but the error messages states that I as an Admin do not have sufficient rights.

Starting WinRAR with the "Run as Administrator"-command, there will be no error-message unpacking via context-menu.
BUT drag'n'drop does not work anymore, because the Windows-Explorer is running with the "normal" Admin user-rights in a different user-space.
And WinRAR has different Full-Admin-rights.
And these two different user-spaces with different rights seem to collide.

So maybe that is the problem with RT, too.

Did you test to start RT via the "Run as Administrator"-command?
Does this change the behaviour?


Re: Windows 10; document read only by opening

#12966 On 26 Januar, 2021 15:09 RagTimeUser said,

Hi Stephan,

Thanks a lot for your explanation.

Indeed, if RagTime is started via "Run as Administrator" it opens files normally. But that can't the final solution. I also tried opening a document from the documents folder, that also works normally. But also not a serious option, we use RagTime professionally and we have our files on network drives exclusively.

Wasn't there someone from RagTime support reading here?

Best regards