Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventory

Hi everybody,

I got a weird crash when I drag a grouped object from the layout to the inventory.

To reproduce;

Draw a rectangle on the layout and give it a background colour.

Then copy that rectangle and place the newly rectangle behind the original one and give it a grey colour. (just to create a shadow and have something to the group).

Now select both rectangles and group them.

Drag the whole group in the Inventory.

Bingo! Ragtime crashes and closes unexpectedly without saving your work.

Is this a known issue? Did somebody else get this experience?

You can without any problem drag your objects into the inventory as long as they are not grouped.

I tried to find a workaround, but using the inventory for a grouped object is not possible without a crash.

However, there is a workaround. Just create an extra layout. Create your grouped objects and just place them onto that extra layout. When you need them, copy them and paste them in your layout. Make sure you name your grouped object for clarity.

It should be nice if we can create our own objects (grouped) and just drag them to the inventory for later use.

Thank you for your any suggestion you can give me to find a better way.

Have a nice day!


Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12938 On 23 November, 2020 15:19 Thomas Kaegi said,

Hello Chris

Doing exactly what you describe does not result in a crash here. I have tried it under macOS and under Windows 10. In both cases dragging the grouped rectangles to the inventory produces an error message.
Windows: The action was not possible. An error occurred.
Mac (translated from German): Placing a PDF was not possible. An error occurred.

Please note: Drawing a rectangle on a layout makes it a drawing object on the layout, but as long as it does not have a content (background is a property, not a content) it is nothing that would appear in the inventory – grouping two rectangles does not change anything. As soon as you give one of your rectangles a content (the rectangle thereby becoming a container), this content (text, picture, spreadsheet, drawing, button) will be listed in the inventory. No need to drag it there. Hence what you are describing is a meaningless action not having any consequences for the document. Of course, RagTime should not crash. But the error message I am getting under Windows is absolutely correct.

Kind regards, Tom


Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12939 On 23 November, 2020 16:32 Bad_Wolf said,

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your reply and answer. You are correct, I can remember on one occasion I received the error message you described. But on the other, Ragtime crashed without the error message.

You are correct when you say that from the moment you add content to the container, it becomes visible in the inventory. In my case, I have a text1 and a text2 object in the inventory. But besides these two objects, there is also a rectangle which is used in the background for shading.

What did I want to accomplish? I place the group inside the inventory. Whenever I need that group, I drag it from the inventory to the layout. But in my case, despite being grouped, I have a separate text1 and text2 in my inventory. If I drag text1 or text2, I get just that, not the greyed background rectangle for the shadow.

Maybe my thinking is flawed I do not know. But what I intend is to create a layout named assets. On this layout, I place regularly used objects like the one described above on that layout. Whenever I need, I copy from the assets layout and paste it into the document. I can draw the "Note" group in Affinity Designer, make an asset and import it each time I need it. However, in this way, I will lose the text grid which registers my text. The group I created in RagTime will perfectly align with the grid, which is a better solution in my opinion.

I still have a lot to learn for sure. Thank you so much for your explanation which helps me understand Ragtime.

Have a nice day and all the best.

Kind regards,


Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12940 On 23 November, 2020 18:55 Thomas Kaegi said,

Hello Chris

Make a drawing containing the two rectangles. By definition the drawing comprises all objects added to the drawing, including e.g. the two rectangles with their texts, backgrounds and other properties. You can drag the drawing from the inventory and drop/place it on any layout. But don't forget: The drawing may not contain any formulas which may have different results depending on the placement of the drawing (e.g. a reference to the page number)! Wherever the drawing is placed within the same document, the contents of the drawing are 100% identical (the object may, however, be scaled differently). – When used in a stationary document (.rtt), in the rtd-documents based on that stationary, the contents may vary from document to document.

If you want to have the contents variable within the same document, you cannot drag/drop the same drawing from the inventory to different places in the layout. Make a duplicate of the drawing in the inventory* and drag/drop the duplicate. Of course, you have at the same time duplicated the contents fo the drawing. Hence you have created a copy of the text. As a consequence you may modify the text in the duplicate of your drawing without modifying the text of drawing 1.

* to duplicate an object in the inventory, grab the object, drag it a little up- or downwards and press the ctrl-key before dropping it.

Kind regards, Tom

Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12941 On 23 November, 2020 19:54 Bad_Wolf said,

Hi Tom,

Wow... perfect! Exactly what I needed. You are indeed very good with Ragtime and experienced.

You are a very friendly and helpful member of this community.

I thank you so much and I do appreciate your support.

Wish you a great day and all the best.

Kind regards,


Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12943 On 23 November, 2020 22:20 jacques villars said,

Hello Tom, Hello Chris

OK ; but what I don't understand is the text of the error message : why "PDF" ? Is that not a little weird ?

Best regards,


Re: Ragtime crashes when dragging grouped object to the inventor

#12944 On 24 November, 2020 08:31 Thomas Kaegi said,

Bonjour Jacques

While the error message under Windows makes sense, the one under macOS is indeed weird and even confusing.

Cordialement, Thomas