Who is using Ragtime outside Germany?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of buying RagTime 6.6.6 (English) for Windows. I searched this forum, but it seems only people in Germany are using it. Also, the German language gives problems because I have difficulty understanding it.

I can read very simple German language but nothing more. So when I get stuck, it should be nice if there are other English/Dutch speaking RagTime users.

We are based in Gaborone, Botswana and create all kind of documents. This is only a very small business and our markets are in Africa, Australia, India and the UK.

I will also appreciate it if you can point me to an English RagTime forum.

Experimenting with the demo version this evening, RagTime seems a very interesting and promising application.

Your advice will be much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Re: Who is using Ragtime outside Germany?

#12914 On 13 November, 2020 11:42 jacques villars said,

Hi Chris,

I'm french speeking and I leave in Switzerland ; I'm using RagTime every day for… everything ;-)

there were a french speeking forum and an american forum but both are dead today (for more than ten years perhaps) ; I had asked for a french and an english language sections in this forum, but the late Jürgen Schell, who was in those years responsable for the forum, had answered, that it was not possible.

Excuse me for my poor english

best regards


Re: Who is using Ragtime outside Germany?

#12915 On 13 November, 2020 11:59 Bad_Wolf said,

Hi Jacques,

Thank you so much for your reply and information. It is indeed very regretfully those international forums like the French and English one are dead.

Nevertheless, as Steffen said, there will be enough people who can help when experiencing problems.

RagTime is a very powerful application which allows for very fine document creation. It is very positive that after years, RagTime GMBH decided to update it with better production tools.

I am coming from Affinity Publisher which I used for different kinds of written publications. Despite the Affinity range Designer (for drawing) and Photo (photo retouching) are excellent, Publisher is a disaster especially when using text styles.

On the other side, RagTime stylesheet handling is clear and reliable. Also, using formulas coming from a spreadsheet in a text is for me a very useful feature.

I will use the demo for another week and then buy the 6.6.6 update. I have the 6.0.1 version but that was crashing regularly on my old Windows 7 laptop. The new version looks very stable on my new Windows 10 laptop.

I didn't know Jürgen Schell passed away which I regret so much. I also remember him as a very helpful and friendly person (I am using RagTime since 1994 with a break of a few years). His untimely passaway is a great loss for RagTime and the community. Rest in peace Jürgen, you are not forgotten.

I appreciate your reply much. Your English is fine!

Wish you a very nice day and all the best.

Kind regards,


Re: Who is using Ragtime outside Germany?

#12912 On 12 November, 2020 19:05 Steffen said,

Hi Chris,

welcome to our community!

there are lots of people talking English or even French in this forum.

Feel free to ask, I'm sure you'll get good answers :)


Re: Who is using Ragtime outside Germany?

#12916 On 13 November, 2020 12:08 Bad_Wolf said,

Hi Steffen,

Thank you for your reply which I do appreciate.

I am a former RagTime 6.0.1 user and switched to Affinity Publisher a few years ago. A few days ago I found out that there was a new and modern version.

Because, I am not satisfied with Affinity Publisher, I downloaded the demo version and I like what I see. On my old Windows 7 laptop, Ragtime 6.0.1 was not stable, while the new demo version is very stable on my new Windows 10 laptop.

Coming back after a few years doesn't seem to give any problems. There are changes, but hey, that is what makes life interesting!

Wish you a nice day and all the best.

Kind regards,